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CD44, CD24, ALDH1, HPRT gene expression

Molecular characterization of CTCs in peripheral blood of breast cancer patients

using multiplex RT-qPCR


  • Genes:CD44, CD24, ALDH1, HPRT
  • Methodology: multiplex RT-qPCR 
  • Instrumentation: LightCycler 2.0 (IVD, Roche Diagnostics)
  • Analytical characteristics: exceptional analytical sensitivity and specificity
  • Requested sample: 20mL peripheral blood (EDTA) - pre-, during or post-therapy
  • Cost: please contact Dr E.Lianidou (lianidou@chem.uoa.gr)


  • Publications: 

Strati A, Nikolaou M, Georgoulias V, Lianidou ES. Prognostic Significance of TWIST1, CD24, CD44, and ALDH1 Transcript Quantification in EpCAM-Positive Circulating Tumor Cells from Early Stage Breast Cancer PatientsCells 2019 Jun 29;8 [Epub ahead of print]