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  1. C. Kroupis (ΜSc Molecular Biology): Molecular study of BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 in Greek patients with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, 2003
  2. M. Ntoulia (MSc Clinical Chemistry)Development and clinical evaluation of molecular diagnostics methods for the quantitative determination and characterization of circulating tumour cells in breast cancer, 2007
  3. E. Zygalaki (MSc Clinical Chemistry): The effect of estrogens and diabetes mellitus in the expression of growth factors, co-supervisor Professor D. Kremastinos, Medical School, University of Athens, 2007
  4. M. Vikentiou (MSc Clinical-Biochemistry-Molecular Diagnostics): Study of Myelodysplastic Syndrome cell populations by flow cytometry. Correlation with other parameters, 2009
  5. A. Markou (MSc Clinical Chemistry): Molecular detection of micrometastatic disease in breast cancer by liquid bead array technology, 2009
  6. A. Strati (MSc Clinical Chemistry): Molecular detection of micrometastatic disease in breast cancer, 2009
  7. T. Roumeliotis(MSc Clinical Chemistry): Proteomic analysis of human sera for the discovery of novel biomarkers in prostate cancer, 2010
  8. I. Balgkouranidou (ΜSc Clinical-Biochemistry-Molecular Diagnostics): Detection and clinical evaluation of the prognostic significance of new molecular tumor biomarkers, 2014
  9. I. Sourvinou (ΜSc Clinical-Biochemistry-Molecular Diagnostics): Study and clinical evaluation of microRNAs as new biomarkers in lung cancer, 2014
  10. M. Chimonidou (ΜSc Clinical Chemistry): Study and clinical evaluation of DNA methylation in breast cancer, 2014
  11. Ν. Poumpouridou (ΜSc  Clinical Chemistry): Study and clinical evaluation of new molecular markers in breast cancer, 2015 (in collaboration with C. Kroupis)
  12. Cleo Parisi Sc Clinical Chemistry): Development and clinical application of methods for the molecular characterisation of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs), 2016
  13. Sophia Mastoraki (ΜSc Clinical Chemistry): Liquid biopsy: detection and clinical evaluation of new methylation biomarkers in cancer patients, 01/2015 - 07/2018. Postdoctoral fellow, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA
  14. Martha Zavridou (ΜSc Clinical Biochemistry-Molecular Diagnostics): Liquid biopsy: Development and clinical evaluation of novel non-invasive molecular diagnostics methods for cancer patients monitoring, 2015 -2019
  15. Eleni Tzanikou (ΜSc Clinical Chemistry): Development and validation of highly sensitive Companion Diagnostic assays in the field of Liquid biopsy (CTCs and ctDNA), 2015-2019
  16. Lydia Giannopoulou (ΜSc Clinical Chemistry): Study of methylation biomarkers in ovarian cancer, 2015-2019