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Lab Infrastructure and Facilities

ACTC Lab is organized according to the International Standards for Molecular Diagnostics labs. The lab has been accredited with an ISO 15189 certificate to perform liquid biopsy analysis for: a) CTCs enumeration in the CellSearch platform (FDA cleared) and b) EGFR mutation testing in the plasma of NSCLC patients, using the COBAS test (Roche, IVD test, FDA cleared). The ACTC lab is also participating in the external quality control program of the UK NEQAS organization for EGFR mutation analysis.  

Separate rooms with all necessary equipment are used for specific procedures such as: a) isolation of CTCs and ctDNA from peripheral blood samples, b) a highly clean pre-PCR preparation room, c) different rooms for PCR amplification, d) dedicated room for post-amplification analysis. 

ACTC Lab owns most of the necessary equipment to perform liquid biopsy analyses:

  • One CellSearch® system (Menarini Silicon Biosystems)
  • 1 real-time PCR instrument: Cobas z4800 (IVD), capable of simultaneous analysis of 96 samples (Roche Diagnostics)
  • 1 Droplet Digital PCR instrument (QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR System, Biorad)
  • 2 real-time PCR instruments: LightCycler 2.0 and LightCycler 1.5 (IVD), both capable of simultaneous analysis of 32 samples (Roche Diagnostics)
  • 2 High Resolution melting (HRMA) analysis instruments: High Resolution Melting Analysis, HR-1  and the LightScanner32, capable of simultaneous analysis of 32 samples (Idaho Technology)
  • 3 classic PCR instruments: 2 Mastercycler ep (Eppendorf) and 1 DNA Engine (MJ Research Inc., USA)
  • 1 Luminex® 200 (Luminex, xMAP® technologies)
  • 1 Qubit 4 fluorometer (Thermofisher)
  • 1 Nanodrop-1000 Spectrophotometer (NanoDrop Technologies, USA)
  • Novel systems for CTC isolation (for evaluation purposes): Parsortix (Angle), Screen Cell filtration technology, ISET (Rare cells)
  • Standard equipment: 4 freezers (-20οC), 4 ultra-freezers (-70oC), many fridges (4oC), many centrifuges, gel documentation systems, PCR hoods, laminar flows etc.
CellSearch System
RNA extraction hood
DNA extraction hood
Clean PCR room
PCR hood
DNA Engine (MJ Research Inc.)
Mastercycler ep (Eppendorf)
Gel electrophoresis system
Gel documentation system Infinity 115 (Vilber Lourmat)
LightCycler 1.5 (Roche)
LightCycler 2.0 (Roche)
Cobas z 480 (Roche)
Luminex 200
LightScanner32 (Idaho Technology)
High Resolution Melting Analysis, HR-1 (Idaho Technology)
Nanodrop-1000 Spectrophotometer